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10 Ways to Stay Motivated and Focused When Canvassing Your Clients

Most of the freshers would rather chose death than making that first call to client. Making client a call is some edgy and they makes this delay for that. This delay makes them rigid to make the call. If you follow this 10 tips, it will be easier for you:

1. The 1 hour rush-Sales calls are not marathon and do not take these as boring, exhaustive.Rather its a sprint. Before making a stop, make sure a dedicated one hour to calling. An hour, well managed and achieved, call is more effective than four hours long cold calls.

2. Make the goals -A 1- hours sprint is effective more with targets. As for example, well-executed calls for 30 or 40 attempts will be effective if it doesn’t include other outside activities (see #7 for details).

3. Make you cold calls’ schedule – Right now right down plan and schedule your next everyday 1-hour sprints for next 2/3 weeks. Treat these as unavoidable appointments. This will put you in discipline and decrease delays.

4. Fish in the fishing areas – Is there better other timings for your target market? If you are sure there is, you should call then only. For example, executives are easily available in the morning, 7:00 onwards. Rise early to make those calls. You will raise your success from right now.

5. Do it first –Schedule your calls for first thing to do in the morning when your target market have specific time for effectiveness. Make calls first. Finish these so that a gun is not pointing in your head.

6. Make a major list – Do not cheat with your database to stay away from one screen to another. List 30 prospective things to do. Write those things in a white paper along with phone numbers. Start dialing from the top. Keep moving downward. Do not leave a message to the non-responsive calls and move to the next number. Start again from the beginning if no response from the list and keep try again. Your productivity will get speed, rhythm and focus in this way.

7. Take preparation– Huh! Organize and take preparation. Create your opening statement before time. Do not shilly shally and shoot from the hip. Learn about your voice. Practice if necessary. Take any job helps you may need before you. Take a working pen. Clean any thing on your desk that clutters or distract. Make sure to do these before your 1-hour sprint.

8. Call and again call – Do not spend your 1-hour rush to do things like – taking longer note, sending or writing mails, faxes etc after any call. You will waste important minutes only. Focus on your dialing hours and on your target (#2). After making call s you can get back or edit necessary information.

9. Prize yourself – You heard this before too. If you made those calls solid, do not forget to give yourself a prize. May be with a delicious lunch today s lunch break. Anything you want.

10. Don’t be a coward– The easiest thing you know? Yah, giving it up. It is easy to give up. Dont be a coward. Stay on the path and follow tips here. Give a chance to all these ideas. Do not give up while your revenue or job may depend on it. Be consistent. Cold callings are not that much misery as we let them to be for us. Following this tips will help you to get thrive and this doesn’t count on taxes. Simply follow this. These are simple, quicker and effective too.

  • June 6, 2016

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