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101 Benefits of having your own recruitment agency – No.#18-The ‘Naysayers’ are wrong!

It’s amazing the number of people who attend our free recruitment start up workshop presentation, who are very keen to get started, but who then run the idea past a friend or relative and allow that person to talk them out of starting their business to their detriment!

Negative peer pressure from naysayers is perhaps the number one reason why a person does not start a business.

And it can have life-changing consequences – usually detrimental consequences.

For example, you might be out and about and suddenly spot the most attractive person who you have ever seen.

And when they spot you and smile back at you, the urge to go over and say “hello” is


That ‘stranger’ is in a crowd of people.

And you are also with a group of people.

The first thing that comes to mind is: “What will everyone think if I just walk over and start talking to her/him”.

Or: “People will think I’m some sort of ‘fruit cake’ if I approach someone I’ve never met

Or: “My friends will think I’m an idiot if she/he rejects me”.

And so, instead of approaching the person, striking up a conversation… and
then who knows what the future could hold…

…you simply take the easy way out and walk on by, and regret the decision for
the rest of the day.

Happens to us all – sadly.

And in business it’s even more destructive.

I’m talking about…

Those individuals who try and have a major influence on our lives and decisions.

I refer to peers as ‘the naysayers’.

A very dangerous breed indeed.

So dangerous because ‘the naysayers’ don’t even know they are stopping you from greatly improving your personal circumstances.

And more times than not therein lies the problem…

Sometimes they are concern that you may be able to make a success with your business and potentially leave them behind so they try to dissuade you from taking action.

But because they have no ambition they try to stop you from achieving yours!

Their opinion is always right you see…

Even though their lives are on hold and going nowhere!

And you’ll find ‘the naysayers’ tend to ‘hang out’ at forums where
they spout their authoritative and compelling nonsense.

You’ll also find ‘the naysayers’ commenting on sponsored ads within Facebook too…

Usually with the tired comments such as:


“If it’s too good to be true it prob’ly isn’t”

It actually takes great skill to avoid ‘the naysayers’ – especially online.

One such piece of advice ‘the naysayers’ like to spout is that it is impossible to start an online business…


Recently, the Daily Telegraph reported that the UK had a record breaking year for new start ups with more than 600,000 new businesses being launched.

The truth of the matter is you cannot expect positive changes in your life if you hand around with negative people.




No matter where you are right now—no matter how many people try to dissuade you from doing something positive with your life – I know you are going to be excited and truly inspired about what I am about to share with you.

So if in the past you have been put off by a naysayer from starting your own recruitment agency and you want to rethink that option then simply give me a call I would love to hear from you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  • January 14, 2020

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