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22 Rules to Live By in Sales and Marketing

1. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the appointments.
2. Treat customers as if they are right, even if they are not always right
3. Dress up and step ahead, when addressing any groups. For example, if the group is wearing shorts and t-shirts, wear your proper business casuals.
4. Do not give unsolicited advises.
5. Leave your ego behind – out of the room !
6. Stop wasting other’s time by sending irrelevant contents in e-mails, like – jokes or stories
7. Stop swanking by informing your accomplishments unless you are asked.
8. Be polite at your best.
9. Correct your emails before sending them.
10. Strictly distribute 80% of your activities from your comfort zone and the rest 20% from outside it. It will keep your productivity up and keep you challenging yourself too.
11. Almost 90% of your listed subscribers will buy from you in 90 days of subscription.
12. A customer is likely to buy from you again the latest item he bought from you.
13. The oldest, but not the weakest advice – under-promise and over-deliver.
14. Give your customers more than their money’s worth.
15. Free bonus gifts are easiest ways to value your offer.
16. “Free” and “You” are most influential words in English.
17. Do to others as you want them to do to you.
18. Give your children more time, since they are young enough to deserve it from you.
19. Avoid being a borrower or lender.
20. Don’t be overly sure that you are right, may be you are not.
21. Life is not long – Ends with a blink of an eye. Enjoy the moment.
22. Avoid political and religious discussions with customers and co-workers. You will hardly gain anything and rather lose more from this.

  • January 13, 2015

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