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Action Tips to Increase Your Sales

Want to see your business growth to the next level of success? If you want so, follow the tips here. These really work to make changes for your positive sales success.

1. Clarify your proposition’s value

Strong proposition value is exceptionally necessary to meet any corporate client. Be sure to portray the real picture that the client will get as the outcome by using your product, service or solutions.
Be specific – Figures, amounts and time scales represent strong proposition value.

2. Select a market sector specifically

Do not run behind every chance you have. Aim, aim and aim. Gain knowledge and proficiency about specific market sector. Analyze their business requirements, processes, complicacies, issues and market movements. These prominently enhance your inevitability to the clients.

3. Create Ad infinitum

Clients do not count on fools these days. Cold sellers are immediately shown doors now. Get proper idea about new client’s business before meeting. Check their annual reports, know from their official websites, meet their customers and pursue their analytical reports. Find their priorities, what challenges them, goals etc.

4. Make influential ideas

Consider your clients, think about them . They are rushing to catch the train; running out of time to solve problems, thinking about strategies, creative options or even suggestions.
A seller has more influence and vitality to them, plugging business ideas in the connectivity; more likely to win a contract with total value regardless of competition.

5. Walk slow, lean back

Do not rush for sales, of course not desperately. Clients can see your sales force and they immediately draw a concluding line between them and you. Do NOT rush on the first sales calls. For negotiation process, you should LEAN BACK. Only lean forward in your “selling” minute – encouraging your client to purchase. Lean back and go slow. You will be able to get the business shortly.

6. Go after quality, not quantity

Make less sales calls, but ones that are more influential. Concentrate on the call preparation. Identify rational points for all the next meetings. Analyze in the reverse way, to find a practical solution to make it happen. Investigate all your ideas from customers’ point of view. Consider if you did or told this, how your clients would have responded. Only their insights give value, not your meanings. Rearrange your idea before making another call to raise your success.

7. Clean Opportunity Leakage

You can lose your opportunity in seconds, without your client’s stating his/her business value from your offer in concrete terms. Though he/she might show high interest. Raise your sales order rate by asking questions like: Why would this help you? What value will you get from this product/service? What is your opinion about the primary facilities of this product/service? This will stick the value in their mind.

8. Follow up meeting- Be Strict
Make sure to leave your meeting after scheduling the next one. Otherwise, you may not be able to stay in touch with your customer. They are busy from one to another meeting as well as managing many other projects. The sooner you schedule your meeting with your clients, less it goes away from their mind and vice versa. Make sure scheduling both meetings, even if it’s making just another call.

9. Assess all your sales calls

This is the only improving way you have. Analyze your sales call by asking:

1) What was good?
2) When did the problems arise? …and
3) What can you apply next time to improve it?

Undoubtedly this is the only way for improvisation. Sales is always a great experiment – customer, market, your offers, everything varies. And so your knowledge base too. You are going down in sales, without learning something new continuously.

10. Reshape your approach

Stop pointing fingers at the economy or anything else for the problems. So many things are still at your fingertips to organize. Dig out all your sales situations with “what can be done?” or “How to manage?” attitude to handle. If you can’t solve issues, consult with colleagues, friends.

Take all the responsibilities necessary to take your sales growth to the next level and always come up with creative attitude for it.

  • November 25, 2014

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