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Are You A Sales Winner or Second Place Finisher?

Top 10 factors that differentiate sales achievers from the second place finisher’s

Were you surprised being second in buyer’s choice and thought why the competitor won? You may think you know why, but the following 2 facts are true-

  1. Buyers sometimes may explain sellers why they lost but they don’t explain details
  2. Sellers consider knowing the reasons to lose the contract, while the reasons why they lost and why they think they lost are two different things.

Researching, consultations, training and similar things are best for us. These are significant reasons to know why our competitors win against us.  To explore the facts in such sales situation (from buyer’s perspective), we included more than 700 business to business purchasing cases in research.

Here are those exclusive 10 factors that winning sales persons implement and that differentiate them from their competitors.

1.  Suggest me new ideas and views: I give priority to newer ideas here. We inquired if buyers are introduced with new ideas or views from sellers. But this issue was listed at the 35th of the 42 factors of our list, distinct from winners at the 2nd place in process. Buyers like surprises and motivation too. If something is available from their past choices, even if it is suitable or applicable, it puts less impression on them.

2.  Partnership with me: We did not expect to observe this amazing one of the 42 factors for research. Partnership generic viagra with buyers – were surprisingly at the second of the listed criteria that differentiated the winners from their competitors in 2nd place. Selling suggestion is great. Buyers prefer to work in partnerships to get the same achievement as sellers.

3.  Convinced me about getting success: Sellers should emphasize on ROI and explain confidently why they are the best for this. To convince your buyers and create reliability for their choice, you have to present your experience in similarity. You can do it easily by sharing similar past working experience, credentials, researches and references etc.

4.  Took my opinion: It seems repeated but is still the usual advice. Clearly this is not noticed and taken for purpose by 2nd place sellers.

5.  Realized my necessity: Buyers look for how important is their opinion in your view (point #4) and understand this. Understand that finding out buyers’ necessity isn’t the most important. Rather deepening buyers’ necessity to understand what was at the bottom of the factor’s list (at the 40th of 42), for the sellers ending in position two.  In fact buyers these days are extensive on the research before starting negotiation with sellers. Rather they know what they are looking for rather than their knowledge.

6.  Helped me to overcome my drawbacks: Depending on buyers’ choices or necessity, they prefer to know that their drawbacks can be avoided by learning from your company’s experiences.

7.  Provided a forced solution: This one complies with the other four factors. When seller’s prioritize and consider the buyers’ necessity, they are amazing in providing best feasible solution by avoiding drawbacks and represent the ROI to come up with the deal. Your solution will be valueless by avoiding any of these methods.

8.  Represented the buying process exactly: Buyers will hardly like any type of surprises. Buyer will never purchase from you or your company, unless they could trust you and your words.

9.  Personally communicated with me: People usually purchase from people they like or know. Though ‘relationship’ is controversial in sales, in wider perspective, this is an important factor ensuring success.

10.  The purchase finally worthy from company’s competitors: Worth does not mean price in figures. There is ample scope to describe “worthy” or what we mean by worthy and this is the exact point indeed.  Buyers will individually prove their worth, but it depends on you to interpret the  worth of different buyers.

If you are still astonished as to what led you or your team to another loss, evaluate your performance based on these 10 factors. Implement these 10 factors, which winners use, in your upcoming sales. You will bring more possibilities to win your sales in big deals coming forward.

  • October 21, 2014

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