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Are you Struggling to get on top of your Finances?

A number of people that I speak to, many approaching retirement age, after years of working hard are still struggling to get on top of their finances…

Many have been in full time employment all their working lives who still haven’t sorted out a pension or know how they are going to manage financially when they retire…

It doesn’t sound right that after years of working for a company a person should not have some level of financial security would you agree?

“How can they have worked for decades and still not have enough money?”

Simple. As money comes in, a lot more money goes out.

That model takes no time for it to go wrong! No matter how much you are making.

They have spent their lives focusing on one element of the money process, it’s not how much money a person earns it’s all about how much money they keep, creating and keeping money is a whole new ball game.

If you, like some of my clients, are trading time for dime then you will never be financially secure as there are only some many hours in a day, so your earning potential is effectively capped.

To make matters worse, you then have a steady increase in the cost of living and in no time at all you are running at a loss.

By going and working hard to make more and more money…Has resulted in people needing to make, more, and more, and more money…

Why is this happening? Simple. People are going about it the wrong way!

Why are they doing this then?

And this is where it gets interesting…

They have never stopped for long enough to consider, are they going about it the wrong way?

I know because I’ve done it that way too! … And it doesn’t work!

Fortunately I learnt that they only way you can gain financial freedom is to WORK FOR YOURSELF, start your own online business that has minimal overheads. Plain and simple.

So the question is…

“Are you rushing about, trying hard to make money?”

And then no matter how much you make… You find…

You always need more?

People then think they need to do more, work harder… And of course this just enlarges the problem, because you are forever playing catch up.

The secret is, by doing more they are almost always (99%+ of the time), compounding the problem.

If you have this problem in life then a very big part is because…

You see, there’s an out dated system of so called success most people have been taught from youth up, that is to go to school, get good grades, land a great job, work really hard and then retire on a good pension.
If only!

It’s a neat trick! …Which enslaves people anyone who struggles and does not have enough money.

And what’s more, there’s no end to this… It’s not going to get better…

Because you’re doing it all wrong.

A paradox exists which makes it easy for us to not see the truth…

The truth is… You have to start working for yourself, even on a part time basis, so that you can eventually make the transition to being your own boss and keeping 100% of the profit you make from all your hard work.

And this goes against the programming we were all given.

So if you need money to manifest a great life, then you have to realise your current direction isn’t going to do it.

Unfortunately if you have this problem, then you are living your life to the Albert Einstein line: ‘insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.’

Yes I know it’s a little painful, but you cannot fix what you cannot see is broken, so I feel a sense of obligation to show you the truth even if it’s not always what you are going to want to hear…

Can I encourage you to stop and think for a moment…

“Is what I’m doing in my life right now really going to get me to the life I desire?”

Observe your answer, and wait for the feelings to come to you!

If the answer is yes, then I wish you all the very best for the future!

If it is no, then I will like to present an opportunity to you where you can get off that tread mill and earn some serious money by starting your very own on line home based recruitment agency within a few short weeks.

To find out more please contact us today on 0800 622 6877.

  • January 12, 2023

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