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Fear of Making Business Calls

Does your phone call cost £2,000 ?

Have you ever ended up paying £2,000 for your phone calls? You know what I mean. Getting your list, setting time for some cold calls, you are aware of your getting back that flow. But for some known or unknown reason, you are just scared to make those calls. May be you are upset and thinking about going back to work. Perhaps some of those earlier calls did not work out or people were rude over the phone. Or perhaps fear of another rejection has wiped out your motivation. Regardless of any reason, right now you are only just finding another excuse to make that one call you should do for now: making those cold calls which are important for the ongoing process of business.

Don’t be upset. Even the best sales executives in this field had the same problem –“Phone phobia”, the fear of picking up the phone instantly and set in a cold call. Do not worry about it unless it’s regular occurrences. Thus, the real problem is not that we are often frightened to pick up the phone randomly. In fact it is what we do to solve this type of problems when they arise. Here are some exclusive strategies for you to avoid this “Phone phobia” and getting back to your working enthusiasms back.

* Complete it another way

Out dated foods are not tasty. Walking in the same way over and over kills the grass of that way and creates a path. This happens in sales too. Following same methods or steps for each of your sale will make it just stale and kill the grass as well. To improvise your strategy, list your steps taken so far and think how you could change the practices for this. This will give you a new energy and work too. You will find newer way to reach your success with fresh energetic body and mind too.

*Exchange your sales call tapes with other sales executives and manager.

Best sales representatives never rest with present expertise level and keep improving those. One method of this improvement is taping their approaches in calls. Improving sales and your skills by taping and listening to your own calls is a great method for this. Opening yourself by others’ assessment is a great way to get benefit. Many sales executives will throw away this concept. But they are those same people who are hardly even close to earning capability.

*Do not accept rejections.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that no one could make others inferior without his/her consent. Similarly others cannot reject you unless your permission. You can achieve at least one single thing from each call, without any result, when you take all those as a way to learn new things. Do not forget to tell yourself, if you do not get “Yes” from that call, at least “NO” will not kill you. 

*Do not burden yourself

It always surprises me on the number of sales persons always prospect bar when they pick up the phone. You will always find it hard to call and the same sure result will stop coming to you, if you keep hesitating, stumbling to call each call, no matter how many the number is. Do not say those wrong things or do not approach negative attitude. Even in a lab, rats stop pressing buzzer again and again when they get zapped over and over.
Think Bigger
Limitations we make ourselves are biggest barrier to sales for success. In fact, you can do lot more than you think if you really try hard. Set your goals bigger and tell yourself, “Why not?” You will observe you missed a lot and can achieve more practically.

*Feed your thinking

When sales executives feel down, they usually become indifferent to making calls. Why does this happen? The reason is the same – It is only the negative thinking coming from your inside and repeatedly. It is not that hard when you think about it- Only you have to do in a way that is more positive. Purchase some positive self-improving books and read, apply them for your self-motivation. After reading some parts, plan and execute those plans. If you concentrate on this positive thinking, it is not possible for those negative attitudes to enter into your mind. 

*Make achievers your friends

Perhaps you know, “It’s tough to fly with eagles, if you roam with turkeys.” Think about those achievers you know and respect most; follow their steps. Successful people do not blame others or situations for things not going their way. Rather, they think in a positive way, which is highly influential. Touch it!

*Do your best 

“If you’re going to do something anyway, why not commit to doing it the best way you possibly can?” – says Brian Tracy. I was surprised to hear when I heard that people stake out more than 14 hours in McDonald on the days when ‘Teeny Beanie babies’ were available. Some people among them worked as a team and created sophisticated network for complete set of collection by phones. Imagine your achievement by using a portion of that same enthusiasm and effort in your career! 

If you cannot bear 2000 pounds of phone cost and cannot pick up beyond your efforts, do not stop. Apply these tips and in a short time you will start calling your clients again with a smiling face and a new found enthusiasm for sales. 
  • September 30, 2014

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