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If you’re an MBA Grad, don’t read this blog post…

If you’re an MBA Grad, don’t read this blog post

(If you’re currently studying for an MBA, or have one, DON’T READ THIS BLOG POST… Because, it will offended you.)
As you may or may not be aware, we run weekly recruitment start up workshops which give people an overview of how they can set up and run their very own home based recruitment agency and have a share of this £31 billion industry.

At the end of the workshop I meet up with clients to see if they have any questions. The first person I spoke to said well she has the money to invest but she is in two minds whether or not to invest in a business or to invest in an MBA.

Now to me the answer is a no brainer, it has to be to start a business.

I can hear the cries…

“You’ve got to be crazy!?”

“How can starting a home based recruitment agency be better than my all singing all dancing bells and whistle MBA degree?”


Allow me to explain…

RSU Services Recruitment Startups business model is a 12 module comprehensive training programme with a step-by-step guide to setting up and running a successful home based recruitment agency, there is no short cuts, in much the same way doing an MBA takes a set period of time, again with no short cuts.

You start … and several months (or in the case of an MBA, 24 months) later you finish.

Well … as anyone who has done an MBA knows only too well studying for an MBA is hard work.

You see, an MBA is primarily all theory, studying, lectures, thick books and hours and hours of homework.
Our recruitment start up business model is about learning by doing while at the same time earning a substantial income.

In each lesson (there are 12 modules in total) we teach the why, the what, and the how if, using video presentation and consultancy support.

Then it’s all tied together with a list of action point that you need to execute on… as in, go and do this, and this, and that, and what not!

It’s learning by DOING, and at your own pace from the comfort of your front room.

Meaning each week, as you progress closer to the end of the 12 module programme, you have a “business” taking shape right in front of your very eyes.

One that YOU’RE building, with our help.

In contrast…

Each lecture of an MBA is a lot of information that does not really set you up for the world of work and with some study programme the course material is not even up to date.

Some years ago I had a client whose parents had paid £36,000 on a computing course that took him three years to complete.

After he completed the course he started applying for jobs, his qualification was based on using Pentium 1 when the whole industry had moved on to Pentium 3 microprocessors!

Finally, it’s graduation day…


First, let’s take a look at Mr MBA Grad superstar…

He has a piece of paper.

It basically states he holds “management potential”.


Nothing more.

Err … and then there’s also the fact that Mr MBA Grad is 6 figures in the hole from tuition expenses.
What a great way to be let out into the “real world of work”.

6 figures down.

No job.

But hey, look at bright side, Mr MBA Grad has “management potential”.

Hmm… In contrast…

A client of our recruitment start up training programme will leave with a home based recruitment agency that’s actually earning money.

As in not £120K in the red.

So there you have it.

Investing 12 weeks in taking your recruitment start up training programme which is waaaaaay better than a MBA degree.

You’ll graduate with less debt.

You’ll ALREADY have a business that is earning you money.

Not just “management potential”.

You never know…

Perhaps you could hire an MBA to work for you.

I’m being a little cynical now.

Best I sign off.

In the next blog post I’ll go into more detail about “what you get behind the curtain” of RSU Services.
But my suggestion, don’t wait for the next blog post.

Or the next one.

Or the one 4 weeks from now.

Have the courage to contact us today to attend a free recruitment start up workshop presentation.

I have to be clear about one thing. In this blog post I said you’ll leave RSU Services training programme with a business that’s ALREADY earning you money. That’s not exactly true. For some, yes. For others, no. We of course aren’t making any guarantees.

Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.
And as with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money. Many of the grads who do join our programme do walk away after a few short weeks with an asset that is already working for them.

But of course there are others who don’t. If you have the dedication, desire and motivation, you can make this work. Absolutely no question.

Thought For The Day

What you make of life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need – what you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours. Stay mindful of your choices!

  • April 5, 2016

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