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Is this Dumb or what?!

Recently, I had someone attend my workshop presentation, who on the day was unable to invest the full start-up fee as her money was tied up in a savings account that she did not have immediate access to.

So, she paid a deposit to reserve the special offer that we had on the day and agreed to pay the balance to get started the following week.

The following Friday she phoned up and said Joe I have some good and bad news for you, the bad news is that I don’t have the funds available anymore, as I have joined a lottery syndicate, however, the good news is when I win, I will be able to pay off the balance to get started.

This ladies’ friends had convinced her to put the money she had set aside to start her agency in this lottery partner programme, where a number of people invest to purchase several lottery tickets and whichever ticket is the winner, they will all share the proceeds. How dumb is that!

The chances of winning the lottery is 1 in 47 million, and to add insult to injury, last year, lottery officials adjusted the rules to make the odds of winning even less likely.

It reminds of a time when I was working for Reed Employment, the lottery was all the craze, but the problem was that the vast majority where using similar numbers which greatly reduced how much money you could win.

So, Reed offered all their temporary staff a ‘lottery shaker’, that picked numbers at random, making it less likely that they would have similar numbers to everyone else, leading to winning a higher prize money.

I recall telling one temp that the device would make no difference what-so-ever, as the odds of winning were the same as choosing numbers 1 to 7. He said I know, those were the numbers he was using every single week!

Would you agree, that this makes no sense what-so-ever.

I read recently, that allegedly the whole lottery set up is fixed, as just before the draw is about to take place, the organisers see which combination of numbers have not been bought, and then draw those numbers, it is all computerised, so this is a very quick and easy process.

That is why you have regular rollover weeks, as people then just purchase more tickets the following week, using the same numbers, with the hope of winning this amazing multi-million-pound jackpot.

The only one hitting the jackpot are the organisers!

Have you been put off by the supposed risk of starting a business but are doing the lottery.


The lottery is designed to be a poor man’s tax.

Why not let 2019, be a year that you do something that your future self will thank you for.

Is there a level of risk when you start a business, of course there is, but here’s the thing, risk is not gambling, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Gambling relies purely on chance — and worse still it is not even a calculated chance, you simply roll the dice, close your eyes and hope for the best.

When you start your home-based recruitment agency, you can control the risk and your outcome, playing the lottery, or any form of gambling does not afford you that luxury.

Starting a home-based recruitment agency does have a level of risk, but it’s not a crapshoot, and it certainly isn’t all or nothing, betting on red or black.

I have a tried and tested business model that will allow you to have your share of recruitments’ £35 billion industry by simply undercutting the fees charged by high street recruitment agencies, who because of their expensive overheads are powerless to compete.

We will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful along with the jobs and candidates. All you will be required to do is find suitable candidates for these jobs, and you will be paid on average £4,000 to £6,000 per successful introduction.

This is not gambling, but a skill my programme will teach you that will nigh guarantee you your success.

Thought for the day

With gambling, much of the reward comes not from the winning but from the possibility of winning.
It is a sure way of getting nothing for something.

  • January 7, 2019

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