Recruitment Start Up Company 30 Year Experience


What is the investment fee for starting my recruitment agency And what will I receive for my investment?

Starting a new business, especially a recruitment agency with its high earning potential and very low running costs is never cheap.

However what price can you put on a business opportunity that provides you with a comprehensive step-by-step training programme offering 24 lessons of valuable material plus ongoing consultancy support from a recruitment expert with over 30 years recruitment industry experience.

The programme will show you the exact steps needed to quickly and easily learn the skills required for you to set up your very own home based recruitment agency so that you too can earn a slice of this £31 billion industry.

Due to the high profits margins charged for placing a candidate into a job, the majority of our Customers are able to recoup their initial investment fee within a few short weeks.

Recruitment Training Manual And User Guides

Two comprehensive manuals covering what you will need to know about the role of a recruitment consultant. The training manual includes techniques on how to secure immediate permanent vacancies.

Businesss Development And Sales Documents

Our complete recruitment business development module contains all the marketing and business development resource documents you reqire to start a permanent agency plus 40 business development sales and marketing letters.

Terms and Conditions of Business

This document sets out the standard terms and conditions for the provision of services where you,the recruitment agent,are supplying services on your terms to a client seeking to employ permanent staff.

Competitive Mobile Telephone Services

We will provide you information on how to obtain a phone deal that provides attractive terms for your agency. You will also be allocated a business specialist for the company to discuss with you the best package for agency.

Free Five page recruitment website plus domain name registration

Designed to give your business an online presence plus domain registration and one year's webhosting.Your website will help you to present your company as an established recruitment agency.

Management database software

Designed to match candidates to client's requirements and complement the work practice needed to operate efficiently.The software programme will also automate and streamline the recruitment process.

Comprehensive recruitment agency start up programme

To include Consultancy support and trainng with the companies Managing Director who has over 30 years recruitment industry experience on how to obtain vacancies and find suitable candidates for these positions.[monthly targeted income $5,000to$10,000]

Recruiter Business Pack and Legal Documents

This information pack contains all the marketing and business development documents required to start your agency, plus legal agreements,employment contracts and standard documents required for CQC registration.

Recruitment Start-up Training Programme

We will provide you with a step-by-step online training programme on all the skills and knowledge required to run a recruitment business,coupled with over 20 different techniques on how source vacancies from the hidden job market.

Recruitment Agency start up programme

To include training on how to secure long term temporary contracts and place temporary staff into assignments generated from key business development techniques.[monthly targeted fee $20,000 within three months]

Temporary Pay and Charge Calculator

This document will enable you to determine how much you need to pay your temps and charge your clients.The calculator will also provide you with a full break down of pay and mark-ups.

Client Template 'Standard Documents'

For submitting tenders for large contracts with full training on how to access large contracts and submit pre-questionnaires and tenders to secure volume temp business.

RSU Services Business Development
Training Programme Schedule

Permanent Agency- Module 1

  • Getting started
  • Overview of the recruitment industry
  • Sources of funding
  • Review training programme
  • The recruitment processes
  • Register business name
  • Setting domain name and emails
  • Business cards
  • Agree company status
  • Company Formation
  • Document guidance and templates
  • Clearing full fees
  • 11 Characteristics of a good job order
  • Registering a candidate
  • Sourcing vacancies
  • Establish business sector and location
  • Website design format
  • How to make a placement in 30 days
  • Registering a job
  • Legal Structure
  • Company Policies
  • Clearing full fees
  • Permanent Terms of Business
  • Jobs scrap books
  • Characteristics of a good candidate
  • Sneakies
  • CV Stripping

Temporary Businesss- Module 2

  • Setting up a temps desk
  • Basic business planning
  • The pre-requisites for success
  • Recruitment Software
  • Sourcing temp candidates
  • Match Maker file
  • Factoring Services
  • Overview of taxes and VAT
  • Weekly financial reporting
  • Targeting temporary contracts
  • Temps Tracking System
  • Candidate control
  • Temp Employment Laws
  • Building client relationship
  • Daily Activity Planner
  • How to source temporary bookings
  • Temps pay & Charge Calculator
  • Factoring,accounting and payroll
  • Data Protection
  • The P&L and Cash flow forecasts
  • How to register a candidate
  • How to register a temp booking
  • Payroll Services
  • Temps Terms of Business
  • Client Visits
  • Speccing-out-temporary staff
  • Time Management

Recruitment Team - Module 3

  • Find a suitable office location
  • Recruiting Staff
  • Sourcing volume contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Neutral Vendor Contracts
  • Sales Tool kit
  • Weekly Sales figures
  • Contracts Review
  • Staff training
  • Commission structure
  • Contract of Employment
  • Training recruitment consultants
  • Asking for referrals
  • Networking
  • Avoiding roller coaster sales
  • Competitor Analysis
  • International recruitment
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Managing your team
  • Motivating your team
  • Independent Recruitment Consltants
  • Markets- The boom,bust cycle
  • Deals and outsourcing
  • Deal breakers
  • Marketing a candidate
  • Setting targets
  • Targeting major contracts