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BREXIT – Deal Or No Deal, Either Way You Lose, Unless…….

BREXIT – Deal Or No Deal, Either Way You Lose, Unless…         Just for the record, I am not politically minded in any way, shape or form; that being said, if given the chance, I know I could sort out the [...]

  • October 8, 2019

Quick Story, Powerful Lesson…

Every four years the Olympics happen, and oftentimes all that separates the best runners or swimmers in the world are 1/100 of a second. Yet, the person who is 1/100 of a second faster gets the gold medal, the plaudits and the lucrative sponsorship [...]

  • June 13, 2019

Business Startup Magazine Editorial

Business Startup Magazine

  • May 14, 2019

How Fame and Fortune Ruined Mike Tyson

Some years ago, while I was attending evening classes studying for my CIPD qualification, I was informed that the new school caretaker was a sparring partner for Mohamed Ali. Now, this guy must have been in his 70s and he look a little frail, [...]

  • February 15, 2019

“We cannot teach people anything; We can only help them discover it within themselves.”

Many years ago, in Thailand there was a temple that was called The Temple of The Golden Buddha. At this temple was a huge golden statue of the Buddha. Word came to this village where the monastery was that an army from a neighbouring [...]

  • February 13, 2019

Is this Dumb or what?!

Recently, I had someone attend my workshop presentation, who on the day was unable to invest the full start-up fee as her money was tied up in a savings account that she did not have immediate access to. So, she paid a deposit to [...]

  • January 7, 2019

101 Benefits Of Having Your Own Recruitment Agency – Benefit No.16_ Stephen Hawking -Truly Inspirational

World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking recently passed away at the age of 76, but he left behind an amazing legacy that we can benefit from. Sometimes I have people who put off starting their own home-based recruitment agency because English is not their first [...]

  • November 5, 2018

101 Benefits of Starting your Recruitment Agency – Benefit No.15 -Ten Things Successful People Do

Picking up from my last blogpost, I would now like to discuss ten key things successful people do differently. The intuitive answer — that some people are born predisposed to certain talents; however, this really is a small proportion of successful individuals this would [...]

  • September 20, 2018

101 Benefits of Starting your Recruitment Agency- Benefit No. 14- The Uncomfortable Truth

Sometimes life can seem so unfair. You may have a good education, the right attitude and a sincere desire to make something of yourself.  Yet, despite your knowledge, feelings and desires, you continue to lead a life of quiet desperation. By all accounts, you [...]

  • September 4, 2018

101 Benefits of Starting your Recruitment Agency- Benefit No.13 – No More Alarm Clock…Bliss!

 If you hate waking up on someone else’s schedule and you are ready to be the one controlling your alarm clock and not a boss, then today’s blog post is for you.   Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep Just ten more minutes…   Snooze   [...]

  • September 4, 2018

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