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Seven Keys to Closing More Sales

My first question is, “Are you talking about business?”, when clients complain about their sales not going their way. They expectedly answer, “No, I don’t know what to reply” or “What if I ask and they are not curious?” Without asking, you never know your position on your prospects. 

Starting a business relation with you, is a vital decision the prospects make. Almost 50% of sales calls end before taking a decision on the next level and that is very hurtful for sales persons. 

Let me tell you a story. Jimmy and Rony are golf buddies as well as friends for around 25 years. They grew together and shared everything, enjoyed each other’s personal as well as professional interests, success since childhood. One day Jimmy frankly asked Ronny, “Why didn’t you give me any business in all those years we spent together?” Rony simply replied without any gesture, “You didn’t ever ask” The reply sounds astonishingly simple but still true. Most of the time, the reason behind not getting any new business is not opted by business owners or entrepreneurs. It is so much simpler. You have to ask for business if you want it. 

Let’s see the following seven keys for closing deals:

Get ready: There are so many questions to answers before you ask for any business. If your answers are “Yes”, you are prepared to ask closing questions. 

• Does your customer need what you are offering?
• Do clients have faith in you and your company?
• Can they bear the cost of your product?
• Do they totally realize what your offer is?
• Are you ready with your closing strategy?
• Are you ready to stay cold after asking about closing?

Check out closes:

In the entire sales deal, search if there is any chance for agreement from the prospect. Go back to the client on his/her reply. Add it to the advantages. Example, “Don’t you think, it will give you financial security if you planned earlier?”

Checking out with the process and agreement deal, will give you a chance to use the information in your closing preparation. You can take the final deal in your prospects agreement. 

Consider the Sale: 

Imagine your prospect wants to purchase as soon you walk in and sit down with them. He might be interested in your deal, if he is affirmative to meet you. In such continued imagination, you will get confidence about the prospects. Here are some examples you could try for prospects:

• You will be happy to buy
• You will love to see it in your home

Ask questions without stressing: 

The prospect is anxious when he/she is closer to making the decision of business with you. This is decision making time for the prospect and the decision can be anything. The strategy to lead the sales door open and allow the prospect to do business with you is – asking stress free questions. “If” is a magical word for such questions. They prospect will love to reply such questions if no deal is sure for right now. Here are few examples: 

• If you buy it, when do you want the delivery?
• If you decide to go ahead, how many would you want?

Ask closing question: 

Don’t use up your energy right now. You can see these examples below –

• Do you want to start?
• Should I wright up the contract?
• Do we have a deal now?
• Let me take you through the details of the agreement.
• Let’s talk about it next time and I can describe the plan then.
• Should I complete the details?

Calm down!

Stay calm after you have asked your questions and offerings. Let your prospect reply first. To make his buying decision, he needs time after getting information from you. Wait for the prospects’ response and meanwhile relax, stay calm.

Decide on the next actions:

Make sure you have described everything in detail and your prospect has understood everything. Next thing is to decide whether the sale is closed or not. Set the next meeting time or calls before the end of the current meeting. Make sure to end the meeting defining your next actions.сайтсайты для копирайтинг

  • September 30, 2014

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