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I’ve been in the recruitment business for some 30 years plus, guiding new start-ups to earn a substantial income setting up and running their very own home based recruitment agency.

Based on my experience and my up-close and personal work with an ever-growing courageous group of individuals, I’ve discovered a few things about what lies behind their success.

We are operating in a challenging economic environment and an even more challenging attitudinal environment. However, Tech levels the playing field.

Cheaper, better technology has enabled the rise of small-business owners by dropping barriers to entry, speeding distribution channels and lowering overhead. The rise of the sharing economy, the growth of
smartphone use and the accompanying app explosion have combined to drop the cost of budgeting, tracking sales, human resources and about any other business service you can name.

Over pass few years, although the economy has made starting a business a challenge at the same time technology has given budding entrepreneurs a real unique opportunity for the following reasons:

1) All disruption and trauma in the marketplace births new opportunity, and those on the alert for it and who act on it can enjoy incredible experiences and success. Historically, the speed of wealth creation has always been fastest during recovery from recession.

2) These conditions make it all that more important to set out to do big and bold things and to connect with others of that mind-set, so attending things such as our Free recruitment start up workshop presentation
showing you how to setting and run a home based recruitment agency on a shoe string budget is a real no brainer.

What makes people experience tremendous growth at times like these?

One of the keys is definitely speed. Without speed, you can’t gain momentum. Using speed marketing strategies such as creating systems and identifying opportunities for using them will help put you on the fast-track Every entrepreneur needs to be on constant alert for, searching for, trying to find ways to accelerate the pace of making things happen.

You have to be alert all the time, and keep an open mind to new opportunities and not just waiting for the perfect time to get started, if you take that approach then you will wait forever. There is never a perfect

Breaking free of the work-money link is another factor. As long as you are stuck trading hours for pounds, you’ll have a cap on what you can earn. One of the best ways to break free is by starting your very own home based recruitment agency.

You also have to liberate yourself from the harmful thoughts and beliefs that get in your way. How you think about money…believing your “not qualified”…thinking that you’re cut out for starting a business.

Sadly, far too often people disqualify themselves. No one even says NO to them – they say it to themselves. Too young, too old, too short too tall, too fat too thin, not smart enough, no qualifications, English is not my first language, what if it fails last business hit the rocks, just got to get my ducks in a row, now’s not the right time.

Monyana, monyana…

But tomorrow never comes.

Money does not come to those that wait! Last, you need a proven system that will motivate you to take action and build momentum FAST. Having a tried and tested system in place will help to boost your productivity and eliminating the psychological and actual barriers that keep you from taking action is the final key to making
sure you get everything done.

Life is made up of turns and choices. What happens if you take one turn instead of another? It’s impossible to speculate what might have happened if one turn was taken versus another. However, I can tell you that if you want to experience big turning points—real success in your life following these tips will help you do so.

  • March 30, 2016

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