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Still Searching For Your Pot Of Gold?…

Struggling to make ends meet and desperate to take control of your destiny, yet constantly waiting for the right time to take the plunge.

Sounds familiar? Thought so.

Each week I speak to hundreds of people who contact me in connection with starting their own home-based recruitment agency.

Many of these individuals attend one of my weekly free workshops that are designed to show them how they can earn a substantial income running their very own home-based recruitment agency.

After the workshop, I try to contact as many people as possible for their feedback.

90% of people who attend the workshop presentation say this is just what they have been searching for… yet when I ask them if they are ready to go ahead with the next step, many hold back.

More times than not, people will say I am definitely going to start but I have just got a few things to sort out first. Procrastination Assassinates Opportunities…

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start…

With the economy on the slow track to recovery, many people are looking into setting up a home-based business to replace a lost income, or supplement their existing paycheque.

But if you’re smart, now’s the time to look into setting up a home-based recruitment agency that will enable you to earn a substantial income.

It is interesting to note that during the last depression, I am talking about the time when there was rationing of food and people having to use vouchers to purchase goods; there were more entrepreneurs who became extremely wealthy than at any time before it.

The truth of the matter is, regardless of what people around you (including the media) may say right now is the best time to get into the business.

In many ways, the current recruitment market resembles the gold rush of the mid-1800s.

The first people to rush to the goldfields, beginning in the spring of 1848, were the residents of California themselves these were ordinary hardworking agriculturally oriented Americans and Europeans living in Northern California, along with Native Americans.

Word of the Gold Rush spread slowly at first.

The earliest gold-seekers to arrive during 1848 were people who lived near California or people who heard the news from ships on the fastest sailing routes from California.

Those first on the scene were able to collect large amounts of easily accessible gold—in some cases, thousands of dollars worth each day.

Even ordinary prospectors averaged daily gold finds worth 10 to 15 times the daily wage of a labourer. A person could work for six months in the goldfields and find the equivalent of six years’ wages back home.

By 1850, just two years later, most of the easily accessible gold had been collected, and those now joining the gold rush were forced to try and extract gold from far more difficult locations. Many just turned back empty-handed.

Still staying with historical events. There is no greater feeling than being able to say that you work for yourself.

No longer do you have to deal with a boss who is constantly nagging you to meet certain deadlines.

You can take your business in whatever direction you choose to while going at your own pace. And you can do so from the comfort of your very own home.

How you can earn £10,000 running your own Home based Recruitment Agency?

Firstly, recruitment agencies charge a percentage of a candidates’ starting salary for placing them with a client. For example, if a candidate is placed by a recruitment agency and starts on a salary of £25,000 per year, the agency may charge 20% of this, which is £5,000.

Over the past decade, technology has made great strides. One of the most remarkable and revolutionary items is undoubtedly the Internet.

Due to the ease of use, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of the Internet, it has become increasingly necessary to offer services via the Web. One of these services that have expanded over the past several years is employee recruitment.

Now more than ever before, the vast majority of companies today are seriously looking at ways of drastically reducing their recruitment costs. By utilising the services available from an online recruitment agency greatly reduces the money paid to traditional recruitment companies.

Due to the high overheads and staffing costs, traditional recruitment agencies have no other option but to maintain their high fee structure of charging 20% of the candidate’s annual salary.

  • February 28, 2020

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