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The Benefits of Using an Online Recruitment Agency.

More and more companies today are starting to appreciate the many benefits of using an on line recruitment agency as opposed to trying to do it through traditional newspaper advertising.

Some of the benefits of online recruitment are as follows:


    1. Confidential service
    2. Specialist service of specialist staff
    3. Free confidential advertising and response collation
    4. Trained interviewers
    5. In-depth interview
    6. Pre – selection service
    7. Large selection of registered applicants
    8. Testing facilities
    9. No charge until applicant is placed- pay only  for results
    10. Rebate scheme – sliding scale of refunds if applicant not suitable
    11. Information services e.g. salary surveys/job descriptions
    12. Personalised, tailored service
    13. Time is money, cost effective
    14. Regular contact
    15. Using your service guarantees an immediate response as opposed to advertising
    16. Constant advertising can present a poor public image if high staff turnover


    1. Specialist service of xxx staff
    2. Charges – Client is not charged for lunch hours, sickness – only the hours actually worked
    3. References – to ensure reliability and suitability
    4. Temps are flexible and encouraged to work full hours
    5. Wages – the agency takes responsibility and manages  NI payments, WTD, tax deductions – saving time and money
    6. Planning ahead – Consultant telephones client to re-book temps – so they can rely on regular service calls
    7. Immediate availability of candidates
    8. No loss of productivity of profitability
    9. Long and short term temps available
    10. Continuity – same temp for longer term bookings where possible
    11. Temp to perm – assesses suitability in a practical way
    12. Pay relates to skills and experience
    13. Guarantee period if temp is unsuitable
    14. Temps are under contract and work to a code of conduct


There is an ongoing increase in the number of staff employed in the recruitment industry, indicating room for more recruitment agencies to bring their expertise to companies across the UK.

By starting your own home based recruitment agency you benefit from working with the UKs Number 1 recruitment start up company

  • March 26, 2014

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