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There has never been a better time to start a business – Bill Gates

Over the years in recruitment I have helped 1000’s of people to find employment and there is something quite noble and rewarding.

Being unemployed can be a dark place to be and when you help someone to find employment you gain a lot of inner satisfaction which is quite hard to describe.

But it is a wonderful feeling, so there is a personally satisfying side to having your own recruitment agency.
The tremendous impact you can have on people’s lives to include family members, friends of even your local community.

When I think about the impact of what we’re doing, the value that’s being created, the revenue that’s being generated, and the lives that have been impacted.

It is truly encouraging to know that we can offer it to ordinary folks to get started who are looking for an opportunity to find real financial freedom.

Bill Gates is quoted as saying:

“There has never been a time like the present, with so many opportunities.”

Rich and famous Entrepreneurs around the world concur with Bill Gates.

The arrival of the internet and the opportunity it has created for people is like a modern day gold rush.
Only it’s so much bigger, because of the global reach of the internet and other global technologies.

The possibilities are endless and in many respects our recruitment agency revolution programme can be liken to the mid-19th century Gold Rush.

But there is a cautionary lesson that I would like to tell you about the first man who discovered gold back then.

Gold was first discovered in California by a man by the name of James Marshall.

Now he was building a saw mill when he discovered shiny flakes of gold in a nearby river bed.

He told the owner of the saw mill and when they tested the gold to their astonishment they discovered that it was “of the finest quality, of at least 23 karat [96% pure].

At first they tried to keep the fine a secret, but they had to let their employees in on their discovery.

Strangely enough, for almost a year, knowledge of the gold on the Californian hill side was kept as a closely guarded secret by the workers.

But once word had got out people came from across world to stake their claim on the land so that they could mine for the gold.

At first, the gold nuggets could be picked up off the ground, can you imagine that!

Later, gold was recovered from streams and riverbeds using simple techniques, such as panning. Many of the first prospectors made a tremendous amount of money.

They often made ten times in a day what they could working a normal job. Incredible though it may seem James Marshall never laid claim to his discovery. While thousands of people became incredibly rich, James Marshall did not.

He decided rather than take the gold that was in front of him he would purchase a vineyard, can you believe that.

Shortly after buying and setting up his vineyard he had a major problem, he could not recruit enough labourers to bring in the harvest.

Why, well one reason was that they were all prospecting for gold.

From just a few hundred knowing about it within a short period of time there were over 300,000 fortune hunters on the hillside as everyone wanted to have a piece of the action.

Some ten years or so later James Marshall decided, if he couldn’t beat them he might as well join them.
So he went back to see if he could claim his claim but the mountain had been stripped bare of all its gold.
Sadly, James Marshall was found dead about seven years later in a cave about an hour away searching for yes you’ve guest it gold.

He died a desolate and poor man. He never laid claim to his claim, while thousands of people became rich he did not.

So what does the story of James Marshall have to do with starting a recruitment agency?

Well, the recruitment agency revolution is like a modern day gold rush.

Where, right now not only are you ahead of the game in terms of knowing about this unique business opportunity the secret to where the gold is located so to speak.

You are in the right place at the right time, where we are providing you with all the tools and techniques, business documents, legal contracts pick axe and shovel everything required for you to tap into you’re your own personal gold mine and live the dream life.

I will show you exactly how you can take your passion for starting a business and translate that into a marvellous, profitable recruitment business and lifestyle.

The internet, like the era of the gold rush has given you the unique opportunity to be a millionaire.
The only thing is you have to get it out the ground, or mine your gold stream and I am going to show you how to get started.

  • April 12, 2016

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