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Three Pillars of a Solid Home Based Recruitment Business

One of the issues entrepreneurs have to deal with when starting a business is how to avoid the pitfalls of wasting time and money.

In this day and age it is almost impossible to maintain a decent standard of living on one pay cheque, and in a family where children are involved it is not always feasible for both parents to have a job outside of the home.

Child care expenses, the need for a second car, and too much time away from the children are some common drawbacks.

This however is the exact situation where a Home Based Recruitment Business works to its greatest advantage.

Home Based Recruitment Businesses are great and are extremely profitable but without the proper knowledge and tools you can waste an incredible amount of time and/or money which defeats the purpose you started out with, namely to make money and have time to do the things you want to do.

This article was written to give the average person a practical guideline to getting started in a home based recruitment business the right way, and to save them from wasting time and money.

My experience has shown me that there are basically three main pillars or principles of a solid home based recruitment business and they are as follows:

Pillar #1: It must have minimal running cost.

A home based business that has a high running cost will take longer to realise a profit, and as we said earlier, time is one of the things we are trying to cut down on.

Minimal cost will also make the home based recruitment business more assessable to a larger amount of families or individuals who are just starting out.

Pillar #2: It must have a business mentor with experience to guide you along the way.

The more complicated your home business project, no matter what it is, the more likely you are to give up out of sheer frustration before you see a profit.

A business that has someone to keep you moving in the right direction will give you confidence and a sense of accomplishment as you complete each simple step in the process.

Let’s face it, if you enjoyed wasting a lot of time and effort maintaining a home based business you would not be reading this article.
This is about freeing you to spend time with your family and doing the things you love, not creating another taskmaster to replace your job!

The first two pillars of a solid home based recruitment business are necessary for the third to occur.

Pillar #3: It must have a high return on investment. (ROI)

You can spend weeks building a home based business but it there is minimal income when you do get a sale, this can lead one to you getting discouraged and give up.

What income can you expect to earn from your home based recruitment business?

Realistically, you are looking at £4,000 to £6,000 per successful placement of a candidate. Depending on the industry you are working in some people have had an extremely profitable ROI within a few weeks of getting started!

You may be thinking to yourself “that’s too simple!” Let me say that within these three pillars there is plenty of detail to keep anyone busy.

The industry that you choose to start should definitely be something that interests you and possibly even something that you already have a measure of experience or knowledge in.

One of the unique aspects of my recruitment start up business model is that I will provide you with one-to-one hands on training and help you to build a successful business upon the three pillars outlined here.

  • December 3, 2017

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