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Three Tips for Feeling Better and Selling More

Breath, as deep you can…

Yes, you heard that right, “Breath, as deep as you can”, and as many times possible. Especially when situations are stressing you. I follow this nice suggestion too, “taking deep breath, as many times as possible”.

If your head is stuck, can’t think anymore or stress is slowing you down, I suggest – take deep breaths and sit quietly for 5 minutes.

You can regain energy, focus yourself and fresh your mind by breathing deeply. Breathing deeply for 5 minutes relaxes you instantly and this is scientifically proven too.

* Accompany eagles to fly

Our bodies have a specific nature. Getting proper rest, or sleeping timely in other words, is one of its circadian rhythms. It is an important nature. You can take on the world easily by getting to bed early, a sound sleep, rising early. You will increase your advantages, creativity and productivity.
On the dark side, if you partied till the eleventh hour, you will not manage time the next day. My foreman friend at a steel fabricating plant explains best in his folksy advice, “You will not fly with eagles in the morning by wallowing with hogs at night.”

* Keep smiling

A smile is a light in the window of a face which shows that the heart is the home. —Anonymous
Your smiles help you to improve your health, remove your anxieties and stresses in difficult situations. It may sound weird, you only smile in happiness and happiness is smiling. Even if it is a fake smile, smiling often will bring happiness to you.

Robert B. Zajonc at Stanford University showed in his research that our specific brain activities are associated with smile and our smile effects those changes as well.

So start laughing and smiling more from now on! Simply act as you are happy and enthusiastic, you will be happy and enthusiastic indeed.

Your smile invites a lot, invites things like a familiar attitude that disarms!

  • December 15, 2014

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