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Time is Precious but often We Slip It Away…

Time is precious but often we slip it away. It is necessary to be more productive when going on is tough.

This article will inform you about time wasters that take your time from you. How it feels if you had three more months in each year for your sells? If you focus on work you can easily get those extra time you wish to get.”

Working eight hours a day is enough for you to get the rest of your day.

You can do a lot in eight hours and these hours are eternity. Is it hard to believe if you imagine yourself flying a coach for eight sours sitting beside a crying baby? You will be able to understand how long it is.

Consider this as your “Golden Eight” productivity moments. Golden in sense that if you are in sales for making money.

Working eight hours at a stress is tough.

Time bandits keep knocking in your door each of the days. All these include phone calls and texting, idle time with co workers, checking your mails, searching for lost things (people with high productivity keeps things organized), personal errands, usually longer breaks or lunches…the list is longer.

All of it adds up. Research tells us new business owners waste two valuable hours each day which is equal to three months a year! So how much you can attain in this three months?

Internet is surely the biggest of this time bandits.

The web is a reliable source for business, education, communication and a high addiction too. Similar to other addictions, it can waste your precious time, energy and productivity causing lack on income in the end.

If you are serious about productivity throw this internet addiction if you have this time bandit in your life already.

Social networking is fun by sharing photos and news with friends, family. But it lessens you productivity too. Do it in leisure.

Online videos, may be watching a kitten playing with ping-pong ball is funny. Do not watch those in your precious Golden hours that you decided to work for.

News blogs. Lively writings, photos and alluring links to other sites or news items are very addictive. Do not use them while you work.

Shopping. Shop after or before work, not on your working times. Online shopping is possible round the clock anytime.

Surfing on the web. So many things to watch and do. But all those not necessary, rather simply pointless to drain you golden hours. All those other bandits. Say ‘NO’ to online games, auctions, chat room, job sites, dating, sites, vacation and travel sites.

Carpe Diem! Write down each morning spending few minutes what you schedule that day. It should not take hours to plan. It will simply include your working topics for that day which will return best of your times. Follow your plan with flexibility not tight schedule hard to follow.

You will feel greater productivity on your work and time. You will feel a better time with greater productivity and honesty for yourself for those eight hours. You will find to appreciate yourself for the rest 16 hours of day for resting, relaxation, spending with friends and family or may be little time with net surfing.

  • June 6, 2016

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