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What will my training cover?

What Will My Training Cover?

The will provide you with a step-by-step guide on all the skills and knowledge required to run a successful recruitment business, from sourcing jobs to finding suitable candidates and of course getting paid. Your Business Programme will include extensive consultancy support for your business

Please find outlined below a list of the points that will be covered in your training programme:


  • How to make a placement in 30 days or less
  • How to write an effective Business Plan
  • Extensive training in doing the job as a recruitment consultant
  • How to establish your recruiting business from scratch
  • How to source candidates and build a network of clients and candidates
  • How to conduct business with employers and their hiring authorities
  • How to find and interview qualified candidates for job opportunities?
  • How to perform internet recruiting and use the internet to maximise your profit?
  • What fees to charge for your services and how to present them properly to potential clients
  • How to get vacancies from employers and take accurate job specifications
  • What exactly to say to employers and candidates to help manage every step of the recruitment and hiring process
  • How to coordinate job interviews by telephone and prepare candidates for their interviews

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